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Report from Pune


Pune is hot, heavy and smelly.

Well, there was a small spattering of rain yesterday for a minute, that helped lighten things up a bit. A bit.

The heat and oppressive air have been taking a toll on everyone. Last night I was observing a beginner class, and the ladies on either side of me fell asleep, chin dropped to chest, tiny snores, the whole deal. Everyone is tired and overheated. I observed a beginner pranayama class that could have been titled “nap time” for those participating.

I have 3 classes a week with Mr Iyengar’s son, Prashant, which is proving very interesting. I am getting more from his teaching than I did my last time here. Am I more mature? Doubtful. Upon his urging I find hidden caverns that my breath has not yet even seen, touched, or knew existed. It’s easy to space out and really let the mind wander in his class, so I decided to “space in,” if you’ll allow the term. 🙂

923425_663943083689749_7982558295602931239_nGulnaaz, who visited Stillwater studio a few years back, taught class last Wednesday morning, and that was the best so far, mainly because I find her exuberance and vibrancy so wonderful. Her teaching is consistent, and she is focused on her point. She makes me laugh and at the same time push myself a little further. She is an expert linker of poses! We started out with uttanasana and she took us to anantasana and vastistasana. So much fun!

I wish we could get audio recordings of her teaching, but, nope. It’s up to my memory.

Well, this is an experience, good or bad is up to me I suppose, so I’m doing the best I can. 🙂

Backbends and inversions help.

Guruji (Mr. Iyengar) has not been in the hall since one day last week. At that time he seemed to be recovering. He even took the time to teach his granddaughter, Abijata, some backbends. But sometime last month he visited his home town of Bellur and got very sick and dehydrated. I did see him sitting out on the porch a couple of days ago; he was dressed warmly in this crazy heat. Apparently, it’s been a long, slow recovery.
Every day around 2-3:00pm I start getting the blues for home and begin to feel like a lunatic for making this trip over here with my suitcase full of sardine cans and tuna pouches. So I stand up and begin repeatedly kicking up into handstands until my arms are on fire and I feel the panic subside. Then I begin rolling back and forth between paschimottanasana, halasana, and then sun salutations, lots of chaturanga dandasana. So far, so good.

I miss everyone and at the same time I am happy and grateful to have people in my life to actually love and miss.

Prayatna saitiyananta samapattibhyam
Tato dvandvah anabigahatah

“When our natural tendency towards restlessness is quieted, meditation becomes possible.
Then, the conflicts if life no longer disturb us.”

  1. Wonderful letter Kquvien. thank you. we all miss you, but, are encouraged to know that you will be bringing back your new insights to share. Thank you for being our emissary.

  2. Sophia Terranova says:

    Love these details…I can envision it and hear you when I read it. Miss you and thank you

  3. Glad to read your post about being in Pune…it makes me feel like a part of me is there too. Hope your time there is inspiring & renewing.