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The past, the present, the present, oh for the love of God, the present!

Yoga has taught me to look for a lesson in everything. Sometimes, the lesson is that there really is nothing to be learned and I should just move along and stop trying to make something out of nothing.
So, time here in India is passing—not quickly enough, but passing all the same.
I have 3 classes a week with Prashant, which is starting to annoy me. The annoyance led me to skip class this morning, in hopes that by next class my mind will be more accepting to his words and methods.10444764_662994767117914_5324219861742087893_n
The other teachers at the Institute have been teaching very fast-paced classes, perhaps trying to keep everyone upbeat and alert in the heavy, heavy humidity.
Their instructions are blunt, sometimes crude. Stay, stretch, tighten, extend. If any mystery is going to be revealed, it is within the mind and body of the practitioner, no words of wisdom or magical instructions are being revealed.
I can honestly say that so far the most overwhelming truth that is coming to me during this trip is the importance of finding my own path. Adhering to basic disciplines of kriya yoga–hard work, self study and devotion–does not necessarily entail blind obedience. In fact, prajna, discrimination, is one of the most challenging tasks put to us in yoga.
I have always hoped that while you, my students, enjoy being in my classes, I am encouraging you to think for yourselves rather than make you dependent on me.
Finding our own path can feel lonely, perhaps isolating at times. These times of quiet aloneness can shine a light on our deeper selves where perhaps during the normal daily hustle and bustle these deeper corners would go unnoticed.
10455218_662478060502918_6832986851214696384_nI am seeing that I do have the capacity to make my own path in my yoga practice and as a teacher. Of course, there will always be teachers with new insights to help me grow. However, my teaching has always been based on the truth and trials of my own experiences, rather than something I recently unwrapped without test driving it for awhile on my own.
Obedience should be based on respect and trust rather than a lack of self confidence. I made this third trip to Pune to prove to myself that I could after canceling last year’s trip. The fact that I am doing it has given me the knowledge that I didn’t need to. Would I have arrived at this place of security and self-knowledge if I did not make the trip? Probably not.
Tato dvandvah anabigahatah
“Then, the opposites of life no longer disturb us.”
So with eleven days left here in Pune I am determined to learn what I can from the teachers at RIMYI, but more importantly learn from myself. The impatience, discomfort, anxiety, and overall feeling of displacement induced by this environment leave me  no other choice that to reach deeper inside of myself for patience, calmness, comfort, and acceptance.
  1. You are blazing your own trail in many ways. I am learning from your sharing about it. Thank you.

  2. Anne Schultz says:

    well, you made it. Hope your trip home goes smoothly. We are totally bringing a suitcase of tuna next time around.