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About Kquvien

Hi there, I’m Kquvien. Thanks for being curious and interested enough to read about me. I have been practicing Iyengar yoga for almost 14 years now and teaching for 12 of that. In addition to the asanas, I lift weights and walk with my dogs. I have 3 dogs and 5 cats.

I truly believe that my yoga practice has kept me alive. I, like everyone else, am a mess. I put too many tasks on my plate, have people in my life who drive me crazy, constantly feel overwhelmed by everything around me and daily battle unhealthy, genetic pre-dispositions. If it were not for yoga, God only knows what would have come of me.

A yoga practice encompasses much more than just showing up to a class and doing different positions on a mat. A real and honest practice of yoga is continuous and practical. When we practice yoga we are truly trying to become more aware of every single moment and movement of our minds and bodies.

So, when we are driving, we are practicing yoga. When we are shopping, banking, shoveling, mucking and whatever else life’s great adventure brings us to, we are practicing yoga.

When I began yoga, I knew none of this. Honestly, I just wanted to stretch. As the years pass and my practice has progressed, I have been able to use the techniques from the mat in my daily life and it’s kept me alive.

It is my hope that my teaching inspires you to strengthen your physical body and ultimately shine light on the darker corners of your life.

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