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What students are saying

“Kquvien’s teaching style is the perfect blend of compassionate, nurturing, challenging, and total ass-kicking. She pushes her students, taking them out of their heads beyond what they thought they were capable of to new sensations, new places in their practice. From a teacher’s point of view, her sequencing is clean, creative, and inspiring. I would follow her anywhere.”

— Erin Dowdy

“Kquvien offers the perfect mix of challenge, inspiration, and laughter. She presents herself with disarming candor and kindness. Her dedication to her practice, along with her ever-growing understanding of Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutras, have given her the ability to share incredible insights into the physical, mental, and emotional processes in any given pose. She infuses every class with creativity and wisdom, while skilfully encouraging you to discover new depths in your postures. One thing is for sure you always leave her class with more than you came with. Kquvien lives her yoga heart and soul.  She teaches with the same passion that she learns. She educates and empowers her students. She makes us brave.  She instills a fun, can do, whoo hoo spirit that keeps us coming back for more. I highly recommend her classes.”
— Rhonda Geraci
“Kquvien is a very special teacher.  She brings great intensity and awareness into basic poses, and leads you to explore more complex poses with confidence.  Her classes are disciplined, challenging, and creative, and infused with lessons from the Sutras.”

— Jann Boyer

“Thanks for all your help tonight Kq. I can move my toe a bit more now!”

— Holly Sasnett

“Kquvien’s classes are challenging and fun. She’s an upbeat and empathetic teacher who helps me get the most out of poses by telling and showing, combining the mental and physical aspects. I look forward to seeing her every week!”

 — Stacy Shelton

“She’s the best yoga instructor I have ever had, coast to coast. She encourages you to push your limits while knowing your limitations, in my case, not a few, and looks after you even if you are in a class of 30. So, you can never hurt yourself in her class. She has my deep respect and admiration.”

– Bahmin Amin-Salehi

“I dont know if I have ever put into words how much I enjoy you as my Yoga instructor.  I am constantly amazed at your level of knowledge and truly appreciate your dedication to assuring everyone does the pose in the best form possible.  Any just how do you remember everyone’s name?  There are so many instructors out there who do not give the level of instruction that you do for every pose regardless of the level of difficulty.  Your classes are always the proper mix of poses for a good experience.  Your teaching style pushes everyone to try harder than they would on their on.  I have never had an instructor that I enjoyed more.  You carry your same dedication and love for Yoga into other parts of your life making you a very special person. “

— Deborah Callahan

“I have been studying with Kquvien for 4+ yrs. She has dedicated much of her life to practicing/studying Iyengar yoga — and it shows in her teaching. There are few who demonstrate the passion she has!”

— Scott Barnaby

“It has been such a joy being in your Monday night class all these years. I always felt that I did my best asana in this class. At first, I used to think that it was because you demanded it of us. Then years later I thought that maybe it was me; that I respected you so much that I never wanted to disappoint you. But lately I’ve decided that it was because I was standing on the shoulder of giants, and never knew it. Your instruction is always so clear and your explanation of the actions allow me to go deeper than I ever can I my own. It is a gift, and I thank you for sharing it with us.”
— Lee Barrineau
“I know how lucky I am to have an instructor like you — focused, present and not afraid to get on my ass when I’m being a scaredy cat — and am convinced that teachers like you are born, not made. In other words, that which really makes you great cannot be taught.”

— Gail O’Neill

“Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Kquvien has the wisdom, passion, expertise – and yes, humor, to take you to your next level. You will accomplish more for yourself than you ever thought possible. You may attend other classes, but hers is the only class you will want or need to take for a lifetime!”

–Margaret Petry

“Kquvien . . . Thanks for making my body stronger, my mind calmer and my chronological age insignificant.”

— Michael Orloff

“Thank you for helping to open my hips, mind and heart. It’s always a pleasure and a challenge taking your classes, and it’s something I look forward to every time I come home. I look forward to it the next time, and I hope it’s soon”

— Alessia V. Waller

BKS Iyengar

From seemingly simple things like learning how to lift my chest to more complex concepts like learning how to cope with day-to-day stress, Kquvien’s thoughtful teaching of Iyengar yoga has had a profound impact on my life since 2004. Today she continues to inspire me, and all of her students, to strive for increasing focus, self-study, and clear thinking through yoga practice.
Like anything new, doing yoga can be tough at first, but Kquvien’s clear, methodical and consistent approach to teaching makes students feel confident and ready to take on new challenges. Her one-of-a-kind teaching style comes from dedicated study with senior Iyengar teachers, a strong personal yoga practice, and a desire to evolve and improve through the study of Iyengar yoga. Kquvien’s classes reflect her serious commitment to studying yoga and at the same time they’re bright and full of sensitivity and spontaneity.
Kquvien also has a unique way of making yoga philosophy accessible and relevant. Her knowledge of Sanskrit language and Indian literature artfully finds its way into each class, so students come to understand why ancient yogic wisdom is still useful today as a tool for seeking a more integrated and purpose-filled life. Kquvien’s ability to effortlessly entwine the physical, psychological, and philosophical aspects of yoga blows the dust off individual intelligence, wakes up hibernating parts of the physical body, and eventually quiets the jittery chattering mind.
I am infinitely grateful to Kquvien for her untiring and generous efforts to help me reach beyond my perceived limits and transform into a happier, healthier person through the teachings of BKS Iyengar. I encourage others to seek and find greater connectivity within the world through her eloquent and artful teachings of Iyengar yoga.

— Chris O’Brien