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Recent Sutras

Most recently we have discussed and chanted sutras 1.20 and 1.21 from Samadhi Pada, the first chapter of the yoga sutras.

1.20 sraddha virya smrti samadhi prajna purvakah itaresham

Faith, courage,memory,absorption and discrimination are needed for practice

1.21 tivra samveganam asannah

The goal is near for those who are supremely vigorous and intense in their practice.

Think about Patanjali is giving us with sutra 1.20. Do you even think about these aspects of practice or are you simply stretching an arm or a leg but not your mind? Do you have faith in yourself? Are you confident, over-confident?

Remember, studying the sutras and looking deeper into ourselves can feel overwhelming. Be light-hearted and realistic. I am always saying in the class about “smidges be huge” and it’s true. Just like you cannot open up life long tight hamstrings in one hour, changing patterns and habits that exist in our psyche take time as well. That’s why it’s important to devote yourself (sraddha) and continue practicing day after day.